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Beijing Realizes "Fifteen Certificates in One" in Foreign Trade

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The reporter learned from Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce that Beijing has fully implemented the "Certificates in One" in the field of foreign trade in the city since since December 28, 2017. Domestic and foreign-funded enterprises engaged in the import and export trade, international freight forwarder, international logistics and other industries can handle relevant businesses through the mode of "Certificates in One". This reform can reduce more than 30 copies of relevant application materials submitted by enterprises, more than 130 items of various registration records and more than ten times of "door-to-door declaration" in various departments.

It is reported that, based on the integration of the Industrial and Commercial Business License, Organization Code Certificate, Tax Registration Certificate, Social Security & Insurance Registration, Statistical Registration Certificate, "Legal Person" Digital Certificate and Business Record of Foreign-invested Enterprise, the city has reintegrated a total of 8 certificates and forms of 5 departments including Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Beijing Customs, Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Beijing Housing Fund Management Center as the municipal reform issues of "Certificates in One", and achieved "Fifteen Certificates in One" in the field of foreign trade.

According to relevant principal of Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce, the city relies on the "Beijing Industrial and Commercial Online Registration Application Service Platform" to collect relevant registration information related to "Certificates in One". When an enterprise handles the registration of establishment, if it needs to handle the issue of "Certificates in One" later, it can fill in the the declaration information of relevant issues through the Industrial and Commercial Online Registration Platform. While the registration department issues the unified social credit code business license, the collected information will be pushed to the record department and the filing department will confirm the completion of the record through its own online approval system.

After the realization of "Certificates in one" in the field of foreign trade, enterprises will not need to fill in and submit any additional material and go to the relevant department for on-site handling when handling the "Filing and Registration of International Freight Forwarding Enterprise", "Filing and Registration of Foreign-funded Institutions in Beijing and Foreign-funded Enterprises", "Filing of Shipper & Consignee", "Filing and Registration of Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Enterprises", "Filing and Registration of Certificate of Origin", "Registration of Housing Fund Unit". Enterprises can complete the transaction in the commercial department window and seal engraving institution for the "Filing and Registration of Foreign Trade Operators" and seal engraving. The handling results of all kinds of issues can be inquired through Beijing Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System or the channel released by the filing department.

Source: eBeijing.gov.cn
Date: 2018-02-28
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