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Questionnaire about Scenic Spots of Beijing
This questionnaire is an important part of the research project “Survey on Service Internationalization at the Scenic Spots of Beijing”. Your answers will provide effective information for us to improve the environment for international tourism and the capability of service internationalization in Beijing. Your opinions will be important for improving service internationalization at the scenic spots of Beijing. Thanks a lot for your response. Please tick the answer(s), and give additional opinions when necessary.
Beijing Souvenir Questionnaire
Welcome to Beijing, China! After the travel once in a blue moon, would you like to preserve good memory in perpetuity? We can help you if you complete this questionnaire and tell us the significant souvenir in your opinion!
eBeijing Transportation Service Online Survey
A 2-minute survey about the transportation you usually take when you are in Beijing as well as the transportation service you would like to find on eBeijing website. Your feedback helps eBeijing provide better service for the users. Thank you!
Beijing Travel Planner Online Survey
We would like to collect your evaluation about the Beijing Travel Planner service. Your feedback helps eBeijing provide better service for the users. Thank you!
Survey: Would You Like to Travel to Beijing?
Have you ever been to Beijing?
If not, do you have plans to travel there?
We thank you very much for your time on the survey.
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