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Someone to Talk to

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Someone to Talk to

Works of Famous Contemporary Directors

MOU Sen's Work Someone to Talk to

Venue: National Centre for the Performing Arts - Theatre

Dates: April 20-22, 2018


Someone To Talk To is a full-length novel by LIU Zhenyun, published in 2009, awarded many prizes including the 8th Mao Dun Literary Prize, translated into over 20 languages, and hailed as the “Chinese One Hundred Years of Solitude.” Literary critic ZHANG Qinghua wrote, “Someone To Talk To is an elegy of subsistence, a drama of destiny, a dismal folk aria, a book of ‘virtuosity’ with a subject quite the same as narration, and a novel full of the sadness of life and real absurdity of subsistence.”

The theatrical version of Someone To Talk To, adapted and directed by MOU Sen, with CAO Qing’e’s ill-fated life as the main line, tells how three generations of people in the Central Plains save themselves in an attempt to reveal how Chinese people lead a spiritual life.


Executive Producers: SHI Hang, ZHAI Zhihai, AN Ting, GE Xiangyang

Managing Producers: LI Yangduo, LI Dong, WANG Zhigang

Original Author: LIU Zhenyun

Playwright/Director: MOU Sen

Set Designer: SHEN Li

Lighting Designer: TAN Hua

Costume/Style Designer: LIU Hongman

Composer: LI Jingjian

Performance Tutor: LI Hao

Dramaturgists: MOU Sen, MA Yuanchi, MEI Yuezi

Assistant Director: LIAN Xiaodong

Technical Directors: TAN Shifan, WU Yuanhu

Executive Producer: WU Sicong

Assistant Producer: MEI Xin

Script Holder: XU Yimian; Administrator: LI Xuan

Visual director: ZHU Zhaohui; Graphic Designer: SUN Xiaoxi

Publicist: Xiaocha; Promotion Planner: Aliang

Acknowledgements to: Xiangshu

Production Companies:

Beijing Gulouxi Culture Co., Ltd.


Beijing Chic-PIA International Culture Development CO., LTD

Henan Qingting Culture Co., Ltd.

Happy Wheatear


ZHAO Yinqiu, BIAN Yujie, CAO Tianying, CHI Weiwei, GUAN Bowen, LI Dazhi, LIU Miaomiao, LEI Jianing, LI Kui, LIAN Xiaodong, PAN Yue, QIN Jiangzeng, YANG Yi, ZHANG Jiahao, ZHAO Jinxia, ZUO Tingting


CAO Qing’e, born in Yanjin, Henan, got critically ill at the age of 78. Lay dying, she thought about her life.

When she was three years old, her father died an unnatural death in Qinyuan, Shanxi. When she was five, her stepfather YANG Moxi married into their family, renamed WU Moxi. After her mother carried on a clandestine love affair with another man and ran away from home, WU Moxi took her away from Yanjin to search for her mother. She was abducted halfway and then taken to some places before ending up in Qinyuan, Shanxi.

Seventy years later, CAO Qing’e’s son NIU Aiguo went out of Qinyuan to search for his wife, who had run away from home on account of a clandestine love affair. When his mother was dying, NIU Aiguo learned that she had returned to Yanjin and searched for the past, but failed. To fulfill her last wish, NIU Aiguo returned to Yanjin and arrived in Xianyang, Shaanxi, where he got to know how WU Moxi spent his last years after CAO Qing’e was lost.

They spend seventy years searching across the Central Plains for the sake of one word and one person, as if they were fated to do so, and all had been decreed by fate in their previous life...

Source: National Centre for the Performing Arts
Date: 2018-04-09
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