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Welcome to Beijing Website International (黑龙江时时彩开奖是频). This website is sponsored by the People's Government of Beijing Municipality. The website is dedicated to providing all foreign governments, organizations and individuals who have interests in Beijing's development and those foreign friends who currently study, work and travel in Beijing with comprehensive, accurate and timely information for work, life and entertainment.

We encourage you to use our logo, which is provided below. The Beijing Website International logo is the official registered trademark for the People's Government of Beijing Municipality web portal. The Beijing Website International logo may be used only to link to the Beijing Website International website. Placement of the Beijing Website International logo is only to be used as a marker to the Beijing Website International home page and not as a form of endorsement or approval from Beijing Website International, the Office of Citizen Services and Communications, or the Beijing General Services Administration. We ask that when you link to Beijing Website International, you do it in an appropriate context as a service to your customers when they need to find official Beijing government information and services.

We also ask that you keep the tag line "Beijing Website International, the People's Government of Beijing Municipality official web portal."

We also encourage you to link to Chinese Version(, the official Chinese web portal of the People's Government of Beijing Municipality.


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If you have any questions about linking to Beijing Website International, the use of the Beijing Website International logo, or desire more information or promotional materials on Beijing Website International, please use the "About Us " link at the bottom of this page.


Beijing Website International welcomes and reviews all recommendations for additional links to useful, timely, citizen-centered information and services. To suggest a new link, follow these simple steps:
1. Complete the Suggest-A-Link Form below. (* required)
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