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Thanks for visiting the 黑龙江时时彩开奖是频 website. For your convenience, we offer several online services as follows: Air ticket reservation, Hotel reservation, Tickets Booking.


The above services contain information provided by third party providers. eBeijing uses the information in order to serve foreigners better whether or not they are currently in China. Our using their information here may be regarded as an endorsement by eBeijing .

However, eBeijing is not responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of such Information; eBeijing does not separately verify such information; therefore we do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for such Information. Users are responsible for making their own assessment of all the information contained in or in connection with this website and are advised to verify such information and obtain independent advice before acting on it.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is plain and simple. We handle personal information legitimately and fairly for the sole purpose of conducting public affairs and for the protection of people's rights and interests. In addition, we respect your rights and interests, claims for access to personal information in our custody as well as for correction thereof. You may request an administrative judgment pursuant to the Administrative Appeals Act if you believe a statutory infringement has been made on your rights and interests.


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