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Diplomatic envoys have springtime date in Palace Museum

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Co-organized by the Beijing Diplomatic Service Bureau, Beijing Housing Service Corporation for Diplomatic Missions and the Palace Museum, more than 110 people including ambassadors, high-level diplomats and their family members from Spain, Cameroon, Samoa, Tajikistan, Chile, Jamaica and other countries were invited to discover the beauty and historic significance of the Palace Museum in Beijing on April 16, 2018.





Museum director Shan Jixiang takes foreign visitors to take a look at the Palace Museum on April 16. [Photo by Zhang Xingjian/chinadaily.com.cn]

Museum director Shan Jixiang delivered the keynote speech, welcoming the foreign guests and sharing his stories of the museum, which has a profound history of almost 600 years.

In Shan's speech, he discussed the Palace Museum's effective practices and rich experiences in terms of exhibitions, services, facilities, the development of cultural creative products, the digital Imperial Palace and environmental protection.

The curator also said that to better museum work, confidence in Chinese culture should be strengthened, as cultural confidence can serve as a driving force to help museums grow and prosper and make cultural relics "come to life".

Martin Mpana, Cameroonian Ambassador to China, expressed his gratitude for inviting so many diplomats to the museum.

"It is really a golden opportunity for foreign friends to visit and get a deeper understanding of the renowned Imperial Palace. The speech has shown us a brand-new Palace Museum and provided a better understanding of Chinese culture."

Under the guidance of Shan, foreign diplomats have toured several classic scenic spots including Jianfu Palace, Xiehe Gate, Taihe Gate, Zhonghe Gate, Baohe Gate, Cining Palace and Shoukkang Palace.

They have also visited shops that sell cultural and creative products. Currently, Palace Museum has developed over 9,100 cultural products, with an annual sales volume exceeding one billion yuan ($158.4 million).

"I really like those products, as they are symbols of ancient Chinese culture. I can buy lots of gifts here for my friends in my home country as the prices are not that high," said Irena Skardziuviene, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania.

Source: china.
Date: 2018-04-17
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