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2018 China International Senior Care Expo Venue: China Intl Exhi.Hall Time: March 15-17
  • The Imperial College is located immediately to the west of the Confucian Temple and connects to the temple through a side gate. Generally recognized as the highest official institution of learning in Imperial China, it was first established in 1287 during the Yuan Dynasty and subsequently enlarged several times, attaining its present dimensions during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty.
  • As an ancient performing art in China, quyi is a general term that covers several different types of performances in which speech, singing or both are used. As an independent art, it was formed in the middle Tang Dynasty and flourished in the Song Dynasty. Now more than 300 forms of quyi are popular among all ethnic groups throughout the country.
  • The temple, which lies on the north of Chaoyangmen Outer Street, Chaoyang District, is also known as Beijing Folk Custom Museum.
  • The origin of facial make-up used in Peking Opera can be traced back to the Southern and Northern Dynasties Period, more than 1,400 years ago, when leading actors used to wear masks. As the operatic arts developed, performers gradually took off their masks and painted colourful patterns on their faces instead so people could better see their facial expressions.
  • RitanPark, a national AAA tourist attraction and a historic site under national protection, is located on Ritan North Road, Chaoyang District, about 10 kilometers from the center of the city. It is a spot of cultural interest in classical garden.
  • The Tiananmen Gate was first built in 1417 in the Ming Dynasty. During the demise of the Ming Dynasty, heavy fighting between Li Zicheng and the early Qing emperors damaged (or perhaps destroyed) the gate. The Tian'anmen square was originally designed and built in Beijing in 1651. It was enlarged to its present size (four times its original size) and cemented over in 1958.
  • Covering a ground area of 28,000 square meters, the Garden of Prince Gong’s Mansion is surrounded by the man-made hills on four sides. Totally 25 small and large scenes can be seen there and the architectural features of the gardens from both northern and southern China are combined perfectly in the mansion.
  • The National Library of China was formerly known as the Jingshi Library, was established during the rule of Qing Dynasty. It had been allotted as a major construction project under the Qing rule and had started constructions in 1909, the year the Qing government first established rule. It first officially opened to public visitors after the Xinhai Revolution, on August 27th in 1912. In August of 1929, Jingshi Library had merged with Beiping Beihai Library and was still named as Beiping Public Library.
Registration Number: 05060933
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